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Vacuum/Desludging Tankers

Scomi Special Vehicle designs and manufactures vacuum/desludging tankers for the environment industry. Built using the world renowned Allestimenti Pompe Moro pump, our vacuum/desludging tankers are deployed in cleaning up drainage systems and sewerage cleaning and disposal.

Our vacuum/desludging tankers come in two major configurations. The first is a basic unit that comes fitted with only a pump designed solely to vacuum sludge. The second is a combi-unit that comes fitted with both a pump and a water jetting unit which is capable of performing an additional task of cleaning sewage pipes and tanks as well. The pump is available with flow rates of 300 m3/hour to 2790 m3/hour whilst the water jetting unit is available in pressure ratings of 0-4350 psi. The tank volume varies form 2,500 liters to 11,000 liters or more. These tanks are made to order where sizes and specifications are subject to change according to the clients’ requirements.

Our vacuum/desludging tankers are tested in extreme conditions and carry a one (1) year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Please click here for the range of Allestimenti Pompe Moro pump that we supply.

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