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Refuse/Garbage Compactors

Scomi Special Vehicles designs and manufactures rear end loading (REL) refuse/garbage compactors in multiple sizes. Designed and built using a Japanese and Malaysian hybrid technology, they are sure to suit the requirements of our clients in the environment industries around the world.

Our refuse/garbage compactors mainly come in four different capacities; Mini (4-6 m3), Mid (8-10 m3), Max (12-15 m3), and Mega (>18 m3). Our compactors can be mounted on suitable chassis as required by our clients. Our refuse/garbage compactors are made to order where sizes and specifications are subject to change according to the clients’ requirements.

Our range of refuse/garbage compactors are tested in extreme conditions and carry a one (1) year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Below are the general specifications for our range of petrol tankers:

Body Capacity
4 - 6 m3
8 - 10 m3
12 - 15 m3
> 18 m3
Tailgate Hopper Volume
0.75 m3
1.0 m3
1.5 m3
1.5 m3
Compaction Cycle Time
20 secs.
25 secs.
25 secs.
25 secs.
Loading Height
0.9 meter
1.0 meter
1.0 meter
1.0 meter
Max. Permissible Pressure
2500 – 3000 psi.
Recommended Wheelbase
3815 mm.
4200 mm.
min. 4300 mm
min. 4300 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight
5000-8000 kgs.
11000-13500 kgs.
14000-16000 kgs.
> 21000 kgs.
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